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Match Play Events

Match Play Events is a tournament app which makes it easy to organize tournaments on any device. Your players can follow standings and results live on their own mobile devices.

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Features Free Premium
Free upgrades forever
Email support
Live results
Works on Desktop/iOS/Android
IFPA integration
Swiss style pairings
Several matches per round
Text message notifications
Screen for large monitor display
More than 32 players
Additional scorekeepers
Tournament formats    
Head-to-Head match play
Group match play
(Double) Round Robin
WCS-style Round Robin
Single elimination bracket Up to 32 players Up to 128 players
Knockout! (e.g. 3 strikes) Up to 3 strikes Up to 10 strikes
Group Knockout! (e.g. 3 strikes)
Group elimination brackets
Pingolf elimination brackets
Best Game
Card-based Best Game
Super (Selfie) Leagues
Flip Frenzy
Golf / Pingolf
Ladder brackets
  FREE $30/year

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