Arenas are places players are assigned to play—pool tables, soccer pitches, bowling lanes, etc. In the case of pinball tournaments, an arena represents a pinball machine. After creating a tournament, you can add arenas to the tournament from the Arenas tab. If you do not see an Arenas tab, your tournament does not need arenas.

Adding arenas

After switching to the Arenas tab, click the Add arena button to add one or more arenas. There are three possible ways to add an arena to your tournament.

Your arenas
This is simply a list of all your existing arenas.
Enter name
Use this to search for an arena by name. Start typing part of the name of a pinball machine and the Open Pinball Database will be searched for any matching machines. If you want to add an arena that's not a pinball machine, you will be able to do so after searching.
Pinball Map
Use the Pinball Map to add arenas to your tournament. If you have added a location to your tournament, that address will be used as the basis for a search. If not, your current location will be used.

If you are adding several arenas in a row, be sure to check the Keep open to add multiple arenas checkbox. This will keep the arena dialog open when you add an arena, making it much faster to add multiple arenas in a row.

Once your tournament starts, arenas will be assigned to matches according to the arena assignment method you have selected.

Adding arena banks

Arena banks are predetermined collections of machines. If you are using arena banks in your tournament, you will be required to create your arena banks before starting your tournament. You can create and edit arena banks from the Configure arena banks sub-tab.

You can modify arena banks even after your tournament has started, either by deactivating a bank you no longer want to use or by replacing one or more arenas in the bank in case of malfunctions. You can even create brand new arena banks after the tournament has started. You can read more about arena banks on the arena assignments page.

All Arenas page

The All Arenas page lists all arenas you have ever used in a tournament. On that page, you can retire arenas so they will not show up on the Your arenas list when you add arenas to tournaments.

You can also edit your arenas. You can fix spelling mistakes in the arena name, change their category or attach OPDB IDs to arenas that do not have them.