Challenge matches

Challenge matches are a fun way to play competitive pinball without having to organize a full tournament. You can access challenge matches from a button on your home screen on Match Play Live.

A challenge match is a series of games between you and one specific opponent. You decide how many games to play (for example, best of seven), and Match Play will keep track of the results for you. In addition, the results will be automatically submitted to Match Play Ratings.

Creating a challenge match

Creating a challenge is a two-step process. First, you choose your opponent. You can search for opponents by name, enter their Match Play ID or scan the QR code from their player card.

Once you have submitted the challenge, your opponent must accept the challenge. To accept, they must go to the challenge match overview page. They'll see the new pending challenge and can open the challenge to accept.

Once the challenge has been accepted, you can start playing the individual matches. After each match, the person who initiated the challenge can record the result. Match Play will automatically end the challenge when a winner has been found.