Head-to-head match play tournaments

Head-to-head match play tournaments are simple but versatile. Over a number of rounds, players are paired against each other in two-player games. Each game won results in a point earned. At the end of the tournament, the player with the most points is the winner.

Configuration options

See seeding.
First round pairing
See player pairing.
General pairing
If you wish to play a Swiss tournament, set this option to Swiss. See more details on player pairing.
Player order
See player order.
Arena draws
See arena assignments.
Duration determines how many rounds your tournament will run. The default value of "No set duration" will let you run the tournament for as many or as few rounds as you want. Since it's not possible to change the duration after the tournament starts it's best to leave this setting at "No set duration" if you're in the least unsure how many rounds your tournament will last.
Matches each round
Determines how many games each pair of players should play against each other each round. Players will receive one point for each of these games won. Match Play does not keep track of individual games in a Best-of-X format and in that scenario, you should stick with a single match per round and wait to enter a winner until the ultimate winner has been found.
Value of byes
By default, any player who receives a bye will receive one point for that round. This setting can be changed to award either half a point or no points at all.
The default setting is an automatic tiebreaking using the strength of the opponents faced to break ties. Specifically, it calculates Median-Buchholz and Solkoff scores for each player. The setting can be changed to break ties using the original seed of each player (top seed will always win ties). This can be useful for finals where you want to provide a large advantage to the top seeds. Finally, tiebreakers can be disabled completely.