Player order

The player order option determines in what order players are listed for their game. If you have multiple games per round, players will be listed in the same order for all games with the exception of the rotating option (see below).

In head-to-head tournaments, the options below determine which player will receive the "play order" choice.

Balanced (default)
Over the course of the tournament, the player will play each position roughly the same amount of times. In head-to-head tournaments, the player with the fewest play order choices will be given play order choice for the current game.
Players will be listed in a random order. In head-to-head tournaments, it is random who receives play order choice.
Players will be listed in a random order. For entirely silly reasons, random and disabled exist as separate options even though they do the same thing.
Original seed
Players will always be listed in the order of the original seeding for the tournament. This is useful if you need to be able to identify the top seed easily (for example, if you let the top seed have game choice). In head-to-head tournaments, the top seed will always receive play order choice.
Current tournament position
Players will be listed in the order of their current position in the overall tournament standings. Note that ties will not be broken and this option is not a good choice if your tournament is likely to produce many ties (knockout tournaments being the prime example). In head-to-head tournaments, the player who is currently leading in the tournament standings will receive play order choice.
The rotating option is only useful for tournaments with more than one games per round. In the first game, the player positions are random but for each subsequent game, the player positions shift by one. For example, on the second game, player #4 from the first game will shift to become player #3. Player #3 will become player #2 and so on. This is useful if you have four games per round and want each player to play each position exactly once. In head-to-head tournaments, the play order choice will switch for every game.