Aileen Beno-Lietz

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Name Aileen Beno-Lietz
Rank 5632
Last updated 4 days ago
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All matches

Arena Opponents Result
Corvette R7 1st
Hi-Lo Ace R5 3rd
Cirqus Voltaire R2 4th
Frontier R4 1st
Tales from the Crypt FR 4th
Stars R4 3rd
Aerosmith R6 1st
X's & O's R3 3rd
Terminator 3 R7 2nd
Eight Ball Champ R7 3rd
Champion Pub R5 1st
Jungle Lord R4 4th
Demolition Man R1 3rd

Arenas played

Aerosmith R6 1
Champion Pub R5 1
Cirqus Voltaire R2 1
Corvette R7 1
Demolition Man R1 1
Eight Ball Champ R7 1
Frontier R4 1
Hi-Lo Ace R5 1
Jungle Lord R4 1
Stars R4 1
Tales from the Crypt FR 1
Terminator 3 R7 1
X's & O's R3 1