Lindsey Shute

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Name Lindsey Shute
Rank 1670
Last updated 1 month ago
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All matches

Arena Opponents Result
Tron R8 1st
F-14 Tomcat R4 3rd
Theatre of Magic AC1 1st
Whirlwind R5 2nd
RollerCoaster Tycoon R6 3rd
Stars R4 1st
Mustang (Pro) R1 1st
Funhouse R1 1st
Game of Thrones (LE) R8 2nd
Jungle Lord R4 3rd
Terminator 3 R7 4th
Sky Kings R2 1st
White Water R4 3rd

Arenas played

F-14 Tomcat R4 1
Funhouse R1 1
Game of Thrones (LE) R8 1
Jungle Lord R4 1
Mustang (Pro) R1 1
RollerCoaster Tycoon R6 1
Sky Kings R2 1
Stars R4 1
Terminator 3 R7 1
Theatre of Magic AC1 1
Tron R8 1
Whirlwind R5 1
White Water R4 1