Tanya Pecard

All matches

Arena Opponents Result
Iron Maiden R2 3rd
Melody R4 2nd
South Park R8 3rd
Xenon R1 3rd
X-Men Wolverine R4 2nd
Whirlwind R5 3rd
The Getaway: High Speed II R4 3rd
Funhouse R1 3rd
No Good Gofers R6 3rd
Palooka AC2 3rd
Jack•Bot R1 3rd
Sky Kings R2 3rd
Corvette R7 4th

Arenas played

Corvette R7 1
Funhouse R1 1
Iron Maiden R2 1
Jack•Bot R1 1
Melody R4 1
No Good Gofers R6 1
Palooka AC2 1
Sky Kings R2 1
South Park R8 1
The Getaway: High Speed II R4 1
Whirlwind R5 1
X-Men Wolverine R4 1
Xenon R1 1