Austin Albertson

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Name Austin Albertson
Rank 1553
Last updated 6 days ago
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All matches

Arena Opponents Result
Godzilla (Pro) 3rd
Johnny Mnemonic 4th
Harlem Globetrotters 3rd
Star Wars (Comic Art Pro) 2nd
Pinball (SS) 2nd
Jackbot 2nd
Star Wars (LE) 2nd
Medieval Madness 1st
Fireball 4th
Imp Mode The Mandalorian LE 3rd
Judge Dredd 2nd
Lost World 4th
Batman: The Dark Knight 3rd
Flash Gordon 1st
Wild Fyre 4th

Arenas played

Batman: The Dark Knight 1
Fireball 1
Flash Gordon 1
Godzilla (Pro) 1
Harlem Globetrotters 1
Imp Mode The Mandalorian LE 1
Jackbot 1
Johnny Mnemonic 1
Judge Dredd 1
Lost World 1
Medieval Madness 1
Pinball (SS) 1
Star Wars (Comic Art Pro) 1
Star Wars (LE) 1
Wild Fyre 1