Theresa Bradford

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Name Theresa Bradford
Rank 5548
Last updated 9 months ago
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All matches

Arena Opponents Result
Batman: The Dark Knight 2nd
Flash Gordon 2nd
Wild Fyre 3rd
Kiss (LE) 3rd
Attack From Mars (Remake Special) 3rd
Kiss 3rd
CSI 4th
No Fear: Dangerous Sports 4th
Flight 2000 1st
CSI 4th
No Fear: Dangerous Sports 2nd
Flight 2000 2nd
Imp Mode Mandalorian Pro 1st
Big Guns 4th
Nugent 2nd

Arenas played

Flight 2000 2
No Fear: Dangerous Sports 2
Attack From Mars (Remake Special) 1
Batman: The Dark Knight 1
Big Guns 1
Flash Gordon 1
Imp Mode Mandalorian Pro 1
Kiss 1
Kiss (LE) 1
Nugent 1
Wild Fyre 1