Antoinette Johnson

Best games

Arena Points Score
Game of Thrones (Five10 Pizza) 80  124,047,040
The Addams Family (Five10 Pizza) 80  43,757,000
The Shadow (Five10 Pizza) 76  223,541,870
Whitewater (Five10 Pizza) 76  44,280,440
Medieval Madness (Five10 Pizza) 74  10,248,370

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All games

Arena Score
Medieval Madness (Five10 Pizza)  10,248,370
Game of Thrones (Five10 Pizza)  124,047,040
Whitewater (Five10 Pizza)  44,280,440
The Shadow (Five10 Pizza)  223,541,870
The Addams Family (Five10 Pizza)  43,757,000

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Name Antoinette Johnson
Rank 5680
Last updated 9 months ago
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