Jonathan Bair

Best games

Arena Points Score
Lord of the Rings (Stay Gold Deli) 92  27,445,890
Aerosmith (Radio) 91  93,205,090
Swords of Fury (Five10 Pizza) 87  2,350,280
Ghostbusters (Five10 Pizza) 81  38,635,620
Medieval Madness (Five10 Pizza) 79  22,770,900

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Arena Score
Medieval Madness (Five10 Pizza)  22,770,900
Swords of Fury (Five10 Pizza)  2,350,280
Ghostbusters (Five10 Pizza)  38,635,620
Lord of the Rings (Stay Gold Deli)  27,445,890
Aerosmith (Radio)  80,966,500
Aerosmith (Radio)  93,205,090

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Name Jonathan Bair
Rank 3062
Last updated 2 years ago
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