Rating period: Oct 13, 2019

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Name Organizer Report
AC Edmonds Monthly Matchplay Matt McChesney Report »
AC Edmonds Weekly 3-Strike 10-12 Matt McChesney Report »
Akron Pinball Department Kenny Marteny Report »
Belles and Chimes James Ranieri Report »
Finals for 2nd Sunday PinGolf Altwin Hawksford Report »
Finals for AC Edmonds Monthly Matchplay Matt McChesney Report »
Finals for Jerry's Marvelous Matchplay Tournament Erik Wurtenberger Report »
Finals for Lyman's Locks n' Shots XII (Rocktober '19) Brian Weingartner Report »
Finals for Recbar Weekly Tournament October 6, 2019 Jeremy Fleitz Report »
Finals for The Local Selfie League Keith Richter Report »
Flipper Frenzy In Garden City David Fellows Report »
Halloween Spooktacular Shootout! Benjamin Dudden Report »
Indiana Ohio Super League 2019 Fall Finals Mike Burgess Report »
Knub's Pub Monthly Knockout (October 2019) Max Koeckeritz Report »
October Ballers for Dollars Jason Mazurek Report »
PAX 2019 Sunday Pinball Frenzy Nicolas Noben Report »
Pop's SeaBar Barnacle Hunt Oct 2019 David Barber Report »
SFSSL S42 Playoffs: Preliminary Round Gene X Report »
Silverball Wizards Episode 6 #6 Arlen Smith Report »
Starcade Knockout Basci Dinc Report »
Stern Army Kim Coghill Birthday Classic 4 Strike Knockout October 13, 2019 4/2, 3/1 Mike Burgess Report »
Sunday SilverBall Round 26 Garry Smith Report »
The Morgantown Pinball League #1 Fall 2019 #3 Aaron Metz Report »
The Neighborhood Flip Frenzy Ovid Dillard Report »

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