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Organizing a Best Game tournament

The Best Game format is a popular tournament qualifying format for pinball tournaments. The tournament has a bank of tournament machines ("arenas" in Match Play language). Every competitor plays each arena one or more times. Their best game is compared to everyone else's best game and points are awarded. See a more detailed description with examples on the PAPA website (scroll down a bit to get to "Best Game Qualifying").

After signing up for a free user account, you can immediately create your own tournament (pictured above). Give your tournament a name, set the date and location, and pick a tournament format. For a Best Game tournament, you should pick Best Game as the tournament format. (Read about the other tournament formats available.)

Best Game tournaments have four configuration options:

  • Scoring system determines how points are awarded on each arena.
  • Attempts on each arena: How many times a player may play each arena.
  • Overall max. attempts: How many games a player may play in total spread out over all arenas.
  • Number of arenas counted: How many arenas count towards a player's total points. E.g. if you have 9 arenas in your tournament but only want to count points from a player's best 5 results.
  • Number of Best Games per arena: Normally only one results per player per arena is allowed. Change this setting to allow more than one result per player per arena to be ranked for points.

Note: You must leave "Additional Scorekeepers" enabled as this is the only way to submit scores in a Best Game tournament.

Add players and arenas to your tournament and start your tournament. You can add more players after the tournament has started.

Best Game tournaments have a section called "Scores". Click it to see the latest scores submitted or use the drop down to show all scores for a specific player. This page is a way for you as the tournament organizer to fix mistakes that have been made. You can change or delete scores, but not submit new ones.

Click the "Open scorekeeper" button to open the scorekeeper app. Remember: You can add more scorekeepers to help you out by clicking the "Scorekeeper" section in the top menu. Scorekeepers only need a smartphone, no tablet required.

The scorekeeper app has two sections: Queues is where you add players to queues for a specific arena. Scores is where you submit results for each game played. Click on an arena to view the queue:

Use the drop down at the top to add a player to the queue. If the player is already queued up somewhere else you are asked if you want to move the player. A player can only be in one queue. Use the "Submit scores" button to submit scores for that game:

Click on the player you want to submit a score for and the "calculator" opens up. Type the finishing score and hit the button. Leave the score blank to submit a "voided" result. After submitting a score you are taken back to the queue for that arena so you can immediately see who should be playing next. You can also immediately requeue the player you just submitted results for (not pictured).

As usual players can follow along on Match Play Live:

On Match Play Live players can:

  • View scores for all arenas
  • View the overall standings
  • Join an arena queue
  • Remove themselves from a queue
  • See their current queue

Don't forget that you can use the "big screen view" on a big monitor or projector. For Best Game tournaments the big screen view displays all queues and the current standings.

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