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Organizing a league or tournament series

Playing in a league is great fun and with Match Play Events it's easier than ever to organize your own league or tournament series. You decide how many tournaments you want and Match Play will keep track of individual results and calculate the overall standings from all tournaments.

After signing up for a free user account, you can create a tournament series (pictured above). A tournament series is a series of tournaments that are linked together—it's the same thing as a league season.

At the top you give your series or league season a name and chose the scoring system. There are three scoring options:

  • Sum of points earned: The points earned by players in the individual tournaments are added together for their overall score.
  • Pingolf scoring: Same as above but the goal is to have as few points as possible. You should only use this for Pingolf tournaments.
  • Rank players: In each individual tournaments players are ranked by finishing position and will receive a point value based on that rank. Their overall score is the sum of these points. This is the only format where individual finals will be taken into account.

Adding tournaments

After selecting your scoring system you can add tournaments to your series. Click the Add tournament button as many times as needed. You can then select a date, time and location for each tournament. It doesn't matter in what order you add tournaments, they will be sorted by their date automatically.

All tournaments must have a date and time. The location is optional but recommended since it will make it easier for your players to find your tournament on Match Play Live.

Configuring tournaments

The final thing to do is to configure the tournaments that make up your series. Click on the Configure tournaments button to start. You can then configure all tournaments in your series in one go. Select the tournament format and other options and click the save button.

All that's left is to click the Create series button. But first go over everything and make sure you have all tournaments listed with a date and time and that your tournament configuration is exactly as you want. Once you click the button you will not be able to add more tournament dates. So make sure it's all there!

Once you click the Create series button all your tournaments will be automatically created for you. They will all have the same configuration options you chose. If you don't want all tournaments to have an identical format it's not a problem. Simply navigate to the tournaments you want to be different and edit their details. That way you have full control and can change the format or any other details.

Viewing overall standings

Once your series gets underway you can view the overall series standings by clicking on the series from the tournament overview page.

Tournaments will show up on the list as soon as they are completed and you can view individual results as well as the overall standings. Click the IFPA results tab to view overall standings in a format ready for submission to the IFPA.

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