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Organizing a Super Selfie League

The Super Selfie League is quickly becoming a popular pinball league format and Match Play Events makes it easy for players and tournament directors to setup and play in Super Selfie Leagues.

At its heart the Selfie League is a Best Game tournament or a series of Best Game tournament. Match Play Events is very flexible when it comes to Best Game tournaments and series. Before you read any further it would be a good idea to head over to the guide on Best Game tournaments.

The most important thing to do when you setup your Selfie League is to enable the "Players can suggest results" option. This is that turns a regular Best Game tournament into a Selfie League.

As the name implies players submit their own scores in a Selfie League by taking a photograph of themselves with the score showing in the background. When you turn on "Players can suggest results" all players will see a "submit score" button when viewing each arena. Players must have a free Match Play Events user account to submit photos and scores.

Clicking the button brings up a screen where players can add a photo and enter their score:

Adding a photo is optional, so be sure to tell your players to always add a photo if those are your league rules. After selecting a photo a preview is shown and the player can enter their score below:

Clicking Save score uploads the score as a pending/unapproved score. Pending scores are immediately shown on Match Play Live, but they don't receive any points until they are approved.

After uploading the photo and saving the score the player is taken to a page where they can review the score and photo:

Most importantly this page has a Share on Facebook button at the top. Players can immediately share their new score in your league's Facebook group (or to their timeline) using this button.

After a player has submitted their score it will show up under the Scores tab for the tournament organizer. Clicking the Approve button the tournament organizer can view all details:

The arena name, player name, score, photo and even the time the photo was taken is displayed. Click the Approve score button to approve the score and assign points to the player.

Any Match Play Events user account comes with a 90 day free trial. Use yours to get started with your own Super Selfie League!

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